FusionTec prides itself on using the cutting edge and open source technologies when it comes to QA Automation. We understand all business and problems are different and unique, therefore before recommending a solution, we thoroughly examine the current situation. Then and only then do we recommend the solution we deem to be the perfect fit for your testing needs and team. Having over a decade of experience in the Quality Assurance industry, we are confident that we can provide the best resources to any QA team. We understand the problems QA teams face in today’s environment, and since we have real-world experience in the workforce we can recommend and submit the best suited resources to your team.

This will ensure your Quality Assurance team is not only growing, but growing with quality assets that will pay dividends in regards to the throughput and quality of your overall software and business.


We’ll help you implement Agile approaches that enable you to adopt all aspects of DevOps, in addition to DevSecOps. We regularly leverage monitoring, collaboration, and automation during our implementation cycles and monitoring phases.

Furthermore, our specialists are skilled and utilize the latest DevOps technologies in all their projects. In regard to DevSecOps, we deliver tailored services that embed security controls in the DevOps workflow. By adopting a secure approach, we lower potential risks while maintaining high standards of compliance.


Whatever cloud offering you have, we’ll be sure to aide you in the deployment process. Our architects will work directly across all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle and other delivery frameworks. Automating cloud deployments as well as building CI/CD pipelines to support cloud-based workloads will be handled by our technical consultants.


By understanding your IT architecture, we’ll deliver a strategic governance and management framework in line with your requirements that minimizes risk and maximizes your resources.

We live in the information age where organizations handle large amounts of data. Much of that data resides in a cloud environment. Our experts have worked with various organizations to make sure internal and external requirements are fulfilled and that all compliance standards are met.

FusionTec is committed to providing you with professional governance services that will enhance your overall enterprise IT strategy.


We pride ourselves in having the best advisory and implementation services for your SaaS needs. Our professional SaaS specialists will engineer innovative solutions and provide expert guidance on how you can fully scale your SaaS applications. Our seasoned team will manage complex and technical integrations to all major SaaS applications.

In addition, we provide you with technical subject matter experts who can advise you on anything related to the offering. You can count on us to articulate business issues and communicate effective solution design to make sure productivity is increasing in your company.